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The issue center of light is The Center for Space Studies and the Metallization of Energy. Headquartered in Ankara, Turkey, the center is a graduate program in space science and technology (Space Science and Technology).
For many years, the Institute was the only center in the world dedicated to cosmology. Today, few are left, though the Institute is still dedicated to the field, though not the more prominent kind. And it may never be the case that it will be the full-fledged center for cosmology, because of the many divisions within the field that always need to be resolved and there is virtually no professional integrity in the original flavor.
The current Director of the Center is Mr. Ayatollah Eyjmansi, a well-known polymath and notable scholar in cosmology and physics. Eyijmans is an entrepreneur who has organized organizations like the International Space Station and the French Space Centre.Its emphasis on scientific discovery and the application of mankinds potential - in theory and in practice - to the study of the universe - says Mr. Eysenck, Its philosophy has been built on the premise of exploration, with the sole purpose of creating a knowledge base for future analysis.
Its program is focused on research in cosmological cosmology that was begun in 1928, then the period known as the Anthropic Principle, which claims that the evolution of the cosmos was caused by the actions of humans.
In an interview with the Egyptian newspaper Al-Watan, Aytollah Abdul Aziz said that the center has even a professional education in the field of cosmology to support its research.
President of the International Committee of the Symposium of Discovery in Space Science, Mr. P. W. Birner, said that scientists at the Institute have only two goals - at the end of each decade, to develop a theory that explains cosmological phenomena, and at the beginning to do that. For his part, A.A. Gareth said that there are no secrets about the unveiling f02ee7bd2b